Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy [Grand]Mother's Day, Grandma

The sender of the flower: El Nino D

Yesterday, El Nino D was in the car. The grandma S opened the door to welcome him back from school.

El Nino D was sitting in the back seat, held the handmade-rose-by-his-teacher, flashed his big smile and said, "Happy Mother's Day".

"Thank you but this is for your Mother, not Grandmother". Grandma S replied.

El Nino D was persistent and answered, "No, I want to give it to Grandmother first".

He ranked his grandmother first, followed by his aunt and then his mummy.....

That opened our eyes in a positive way. It shows us that children do know when the person spends so much time with him, be with him and grows with him. 

How does grandma S feel? Happy because her grandson loves her dearly.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

This is the sender of the flower:)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Food Unites Us: From KK to Melaka

In university, the lecturer gave us an assignment on "unity".
My group chose one of the biggest street markets in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as our location.

The district has half a million of population with a mixture of difference ethnicities and races, and I remember clearly that we just couldn't wait to explore the place and get to know the people there! :)
*I also remember that 4 of us stood in front of a big statue after the interview session, and I seriously lost the picture. The happiness still glued in mind*

So we started our mission: We went to the street market by the rented car. We interviewed several stalls owners to understand their recipe of "unity".

Their keyword was "Food Unites Us".
They put on the smile and said,
"During each festival, we will bring food and share with everyone. You could imagine the atmosphere here."

Yesterday, we were lucky to have another "Food Unites Us" session with the family.
The experience was TBD (To be determined? TBD means Theme, Boomerang and Date)
  • The food theme was "Simple. Eat. Relax"
    -and we know it was not going to be that simple when your uncle Leo was the chef of the day.
  • It was Boomerang time for everyone!
    -Sing K was our thing. Then, cousin Jon proposed to do Boomerang. It's a nice way to entertain everybody and we could adopt the facial expression and body language.
Cousin Jon (front)
  • That Food Date united us
    -Although everyone meets everyone virtually everyday via messaging app, we also want to spend our time physically. That was how food united us last night.

I spent my last day of April 2017 with the beautiful people in my life. How about you? :)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kids Time: DIY Home Acitivity

DIY color sorting game with El Nino D. That sharpen his color skills.

He said, "Pikachu is red and yellow" when I thought...A yellow and pink cartoon was Pikachu :)

Friday, April 21, 2017

This Chicken Rice's Story

"Let's go somewhere else to have lunch"
Miza and I planned to have after-brainstorming-on-research-methods-lunch last Sunday.

We wanted to get a real taste on new place to have the late lunch.

The criteria are:

  • near to the library (So we could carpool and have fun chitchatting in the car)
  • convenient stall (Fast preparation for the food because we were really hungry)

We went to a place, then she suggested to have Chicken Rice!
She is one of the best food buddies who loves travel, explores to new place and a very logical person.

Finally we reached the destination. It is a nice and comfortable stall. There were lots of people who went there for the Chicken Rice.

What I like about the food is that the chicken rice's sauce was very unique. The recipe was the chicken rice's sauce. You would feel the sweetness within the sauce.

Then, this logic Miza started to share the story behind this Chicken Rice.
(It is hard for her to express her feeling on this, as she herself admitted that she hardly did it.) It means she really has strong impression on this stall.

"This shop was started by their grandmothers last time.
I came to the shop since I was 3 years ago.
Few years later, they moved to a new place. Because their food is really unique equipped with the power of words, people got to know the new place.
I don't know since when, they move to this original location again"

We also saw lots of packed Chicken Rice at the counter.

Miza then explained,
"Most of the time, so many people queue up. To increase the customer satisfaction on not waiting too long, they pack the food in advance."

Saturday, April 15, 2017

2 April Babies:More than 40 years of Friendship

Did you ever imagine that you travel to your childhood life using the time machine?

When you finally reach that childhood life, you recall the things you did with your friends:
  • Went to the same school
  • Visited each other's house after school because that was the fun activity
  • The friends' parents knew you so well and gave you nickname

That was their (My mum and Aunt Corinna) story. 

They were schoolmates from primary school to secondary school. Aunt Corinna visited my mum's late mum after school and always talked with her. My late grandmother even gave her nickname which my grandaunt still use that nickname when talking about Aunt nowadays (That's right, everybody knows everybody :)).

These 2 ladies chose their own destiny after graduated high school. They started to immerse themselves in new environment and surrounding. They still kept in touch from time to time.

Both of them have 2 things in common:
1. Born in April (same year)
2. Mrs Lums (Aunt Corinna's husband is my dad's younger brother)

Mum and Aunt Corinna knew each other for more than 40 years, they're now sister-in-law to each other, celebrate their birthdays together (with more awesome years to come!)

Happy April Birthday!

The two ladies: Mum and Aunt Corinna
The husband-and-wife version